Brief Introduction of our product, dimiSim©        


dimiSim©  is a  patented,  non-contacting  labyrinth  seal  in  

trapping  design.


The main task is to seal housings of antifriction and sleeve  

bearings at rotation  equipment as pumps, turbines, motors,  

gear boxes and tool machines.





The effect of the new design is: no leakage out of both sides,  neither lube oil leaves from the inside nor lquid from the outside. 

The special geometry of the design, in connection with the Van-

der-Waal-effect of the liquid, secures a seal result, which could  

not be achieved with non contacting Labyrinth  bearing  seal in standard design.


The core of this patented invention is, that it safely seals even if  

- it comes to surging flooding of lube oil,

- there are splashings at forced lubrication

- additionally the shaft moves axial up to 5mm ( 1/5”)

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